Saint Louis Stamp Expo ~ Exhibits 2012

Exhibit #Begin Frame# FramesWho and What
1 1 6
Ross A. Towle
U.S. 1907-1919 2¢ Oval Die Stamped Envelopes
The relationship between envelope machines, dies, and knives is highlighted.
2 7 6
Jeffrey Erichson
Hawaiian Banknote Postage
A traditional exhibit of stamps, postal cards, and envelopes issued 1864-1899 and their uses thru 1900.
3 13 10
James W. Graue
DLH South Atlantic 1934-1939
Development and operations of Deutsche Lufthansa South Atlantic airmail service.
4 23 10
Alfred F. Kugel
Polish Forces in Exile During & Following World War II
The story of the fieldpost service for Polish troops in Europe and the Middle East in 1940-1947.
5 33 9
Art Bunce
AQ Lettersheets of the Republic of Venice, 1608-1797
84 of the 88 types, plus errors and varieties, of the earliest postal stationery, including uses.
6 42 1
Harlan F. Stone
Private Advertising Officially Imprinted on Swiss Postal Envelopes
All-over ads on fronts and embossed seals on back flaps.
7 43 1
Harlan F. Stone
The Evolution of Switzerland's Minimum Fee for Postal Money Orders
15c (1862), 20c (1867), 30c (1876), 20c (1883), 15c (1891)
8 44 9
Randy L. Neil
Confederate States of America: The 10-Cent Steel Plate Issues of 1863-1865
A study of the key definitive letter mail stamps of the CSA, their production, printings, varieties, and a wide range of the most elusive usages.
9 53 8
Frank M. Wiatr
Fortress Krakau 1914-1918
Presentation of postmarks and seals on the Cracow military mail during the World War I.
10 61 1
R. Timothy Bartshe
Shafts & Disselboom: The South African Republic Postal Cards 1894-1900
A display of final two postal cards issues using new ox-cart design of 1894 from design essay and proof through comtemporaneous use.
11 62 1
Regis Hoffman
Polish Refugees in Africa, World War II
Postal history of Polish refugee camps scattered about central and eastern Africa in WWII.
12 63 8
Dan Undersander
U.S. Postal Stationery Wrapper Usage
This exhibit presents usages of U.S. postal stationery wrappers from their first issue in 1861 until their discontinuation in 1934, including some unusual usages, such as return, special delivery, airmail, and use outside the mailsx.
13 71 1
Neal West
Early Postal History of the Upper Wisconsin River Pinery
Forerunners and early (pre-1883) examples of postal markings emanating from the first six post offices established on the upper Wisconsin River.
14 72 1
Richard Woodward
The Rimet World Cup of Soccer - 1930, 1934, 1938
This exhibit covers the world championships of football (soccer) played in 1930, 1934 and 1938.
15 73 10
Mike Ley
Burma: The First Two Issues
A traditional study with a stong emphasis on usages. The time frame is from the separation from India in 1937 until the Japanese Occupation in 1942.
16 83 10
Jerry H. Miller
German Post Offices in China...1886-1917
Postal history exhibit showing the German Post Offices which existed in China between 1886-1917, including Kiautschou Leasehold Territory until 1900, excluding Boxer Revolt military mail.
17 93 8
Roman Sobus
Lwow 1917-1941. The City of the Lion as Part of the Second Polish Republic
The purpose of this exhibit is to illustrate the evolution of the post in the city of Lwow from the final days of the Hapsburg Empire in 1917 thru the Soviet invasion of the Second World War.
18 101 1
Alfred F. Kugel
The Polish Post Office in the Free City of Danzig 1925-1939
A special postal system was created following World War I to handle incoming and outgoing Polish mail.
19 102 1
Dr. Ross Marshall
Poland - First Official Stamp Issue 1920
A comprehensive coverage of all 11 values starting with the proof set and including perforation varieties, imperforates, the rare shades and constant flaw.
20 103 8
Wieslaw Kostka
Postmarks of the Eastern Territories of the Kingdom of Poland 1815-1871
Postal history exhibit illustrating the different forms of the postmarks used by post offices and postal stations of the eastern territories of the Kingdom of Poland.
21 111 10
Marvin & Judith Platt
The Columbian Envelopes of 1893
Exhibited are the essays, specimens, die varieties, errors, earliest and early uses, proper and improper uses and unusual markings, worldwide destinations, including philatelic covers and expo uses.
22 121 5
Heinrich K. Heissinger
Switzerland: The Durheim Period, 1850 to 1854
This exhibit gives a complete overview of the first Swiss Federal stamps. Stamps and covers show printing stones, printing aids, printing problems, and postal usage.
23 126 5
Wieslaw Kostka
Kingdom of Poland - Study of Rates for Stampless Mail 1815-1871
Postal history exhibit illustrating the complex system used to determine postal tariffs of various classes of mailings across four postal periods.
24 131 10
Harold E. Peter
Köslin (Koszalin) - A Prussian (Polish) City in Pommerenia
Köslin (Prussia) became Koszalin (Poland) March 1945. The Russian and 1st Polish Army conquered Pommerenia. Köslin was placed under Polish Administration and renamed Koszalin. This exhibit demonstrates the development of the postmarks/cancels of the city of Köslin & illustrates other pertinent features & specialties as to usage & type of mailing exclusively on entire's from 1588-1945.
25 141 5
Dr. Jerzy Kupiec-Weglinski
The Siege of Przemysl (1914-1915)
This 5 -frame exhibit presents postal history of the Przemysl Siege in 1914-1915, the first time that mail-laden airplanes landed and took off within an Austrian fortress surrounded by the Russian troops in the present-day Poland.
26 146 5
Ross A. Towle
Chile. “Presidente” Postal Stationery. 1911-1929
The postal stationery issued as part of the "Presidente" series and subsequent revalues.
27 151 3
John Phillips §
America by Water
An overview of the discovery, exploration, and development of America using water routes.
28 154 3
Joseph Phillips §
Bridging the Gap
This display exhibit is an overview of different kinds of bridge structures
29 157 2
Jared Phillips §
Farming: A Growing Technology
This display exhibit is about farming and how developing technology has changed it over the years.
30 159 3
Robert V. Ogrodnik
Battle of Grunwald Commemorated by Polish Philately
This exhibit presents Poland's stamps and related philatelic material commemorating the Battle of Grunwald, the most important battle of medieval Europe.
31 162 1
Marcus l. Meyerotto
Imprinted Telegram Receipts of Poland
32 163 1
H. James Maxwell
A Revolution? So What Do We Do Now? The 1912 Chinese Overprints.
The overprints prepared in the response to the Chinese Revolution of 1911, initially declaring neutrality between the Manchu Dynasty and the Revolutionary Forces, and finally the founding of the Republic of China.
33 164 1
Andrew Urushima
The 1944 POW Olympics: Gross Born & Woldenberg
Philately of the 1944 POW Olympics held in the Gross Born & Woldenberg prisoner camps. Exhibit includes proofs, special cachets, and cancellations used to commemorate this event.
34 165 3
Dzintars Grinfelds
The Republic of Central Lithuania
A traditional study of the postally valid stamps of Central Lithuania.
35 168 4
Frank Karwoski
Nicolaus Copernicus - How His Solar System Transformed Astronomy
This exhibit describes the historic development of early astronomy and the impact of Nicolaus Copernicus in defining our solar system.
36 172 3
Robert V. Ogrodnik
First Polish Airmail Issue After WWII
This exhibit illustrates the production of the first air mail stamps in postwar Poland, and examines their usage on domestic and foreign covers.
37 175 8
Richard P. Grosshans
A Philatelic Display Honoring the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Boy Scouts of America
A philatelic display of material from across this nation celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.
38 183 4
Gary G. Hendren
Rural Free Delivery - The Early Years
A look at the early years to bring mail delivery to rural America.
39 187 1
Frederick W. Rogers
The French Post Office In Samos, 1893-1914
The stamps, postal stationery and postal markings used by the French Post Office in Samos.
40 188 1
Larry T. Nix
Library Uses of Melvil Dewey’s Postal Card
The various uses that libraries made of the 1898 Adams (UX15) postal card, the first 'library' postal card.
41 189 4
Lewis Bussey
Library & Index-Signed U.S. Postal Cards
A study and selection of production and usages from U.S. ‘library’ postal cards from 1898 to 1960.
42 193 8
Irwin J. Gibbs
Canal Zone Postal Stationery 1907-1924
Canal Zone postal cards, stamped envelopes and Registration envelopes overprinted on postal stationery of Panama. Exhibit covers mint entires, die and color varieties, printing errors, unusual usages, and production files.

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